April 15, 2011

Now I do have a soft spot for German beer and this lot produce some of the best wheat beers you can find. G Schneider & Sohn have been brewing beer since 1872 and relocated from Munich to Kelheim after WWII. Today the brewery is still run by the same family that started it all those years ago. I believe that Schneider Weisse is up there with best breweries in Germany and is equally as tasty as the big giants in Munich such as Paulaner. Since the recent boom in demand of  real continental beers (not keg rubbish) you can find Scneider & Sohn beers in many British pubs and some decent off-licenses if you have a good scout around. Here are three beers you really must try from their range… Read the rest of this entry »


Little Creatures Pale Ale

November 9, 2009

These tasting notes are dedicated to my only (known) blog reader.

Little Creatures Pale Ale

Brewer: Little Creatures (Perth, WA)

Beer Name: Pale Ale

ABV: 5.2%

Style: Pale Ale

Tasting notes: Refreshing, zesty ale, light amber in colour. A nice citrus aroma also contains strong hints of grapefruit. Hoppy taste develops late to suggestions of apricot, which give way to a delightful, slightly dry finish.

Aroma: 7/10

Appearance: 4/10

Flavour: 8/10

Palate: 4/5

Overall Impression: 18/20


New World Beers

November 9, 2009

USA - OZThe world famous brewing nations of the old world (Britain, Germnay, Belgium and Czech Republic) have proved they’re beer pedigree with hundreds of years of brewing tradition and expertise. However, our cousins from ‘over the pond’ and ‘down under’ and beginning to show just how good their beers really are.  Here are some great breweries from Oz and the States who’s beers you really must sample…

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Continental Beers

January 19, 2009

augustinerOver the last couple of weeks I have been trying lots of European beers. This is mainly because of a bit of a British real ale ‘overload’ at christmas aswell as the encourgement of a box of Spaten from my old man as a pressie. Here’s a hierarchy of the best European beers I have sampled recently with some of my old favourites thrown in for good measure. I strongly recommend them all for tasting… Read the rest of this entry »