Real Ale is one of the tastiest things on God’s good earth. This blog is here to celebrate Real Ale and shun cheap nasty keg beers which large brewers manage to market well enough to convince the general public that they have something worth drinking in their hand.

Keg beer is tastless pasteurized rubbish that the big companies want us to drink because any fool with a spanner can look after keg beer and it keeps for ages. Real Ale is made using age-old techniques and thereforeĀ  takes knowledge and skill to look after plus it only has a very short life span. Unless you’re the one who’s going to drink it then it’s not worth the hassle in many pub owner’s eyes. You are actually better off drinking nothing rather than a Real Ale which is in poor condition, but a real ale in good condition is a wonderful thing.

Now if there’s anyone out there doesn’t know what I’m banging on about but who’s curious to find out, get yourself down to Tescos or another supermarket and buy yourself a bottle conditioned beer. I could recomend many but let’s limit it to three really good ones: Adnam’s Broadside, Green King Abbott Ale, or Fuller’s London Pride. Don’t put it in the fridge for too long or you’ll kill the flavour. Keep it cool and just below room temperature, then enjoy a beautifully crafted beer from a brewer who takes pride in his product rather than simply wanting to empty your pockets.

There’s a hundreds of years of brewing tradition and a wide spectrum of flavours just waiting to be discovered…Some of you will be completely unmoved but there will be others who will be on the road to enlightenment.


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