Continental Beers

January 19, 2009

augustinerOver the last couple of weeks I have been trying lots of European beers. This is mainly because of a bit of a British real ale ‘overload’ at christmas aswell as the encourgement of a box of Spaten from my old man as a pressie. Here’s a hierarchy of the best European beers I have sampled recently with some of my old favourites thrown in for good measure. I strongly recommend them all for tasting…

1. Augustiner Edelstoff, Munich, Germany (5.6%)

2. De Koninck, Antwerp, Belgium (5.0%)

3. Schneider Weisse, Kelheim, Germany(5.4%)

4.Grimbergen Blonde, Grimbergen, Belgium (7.0%)

5. Hacker-Pschorr Weissbier, Munich, Germany (5.5%)

6. Spaten Muncher Hell, Munich, Germany (5.0%)

7. Duvel, Breendonk, Belgium (8.5%)

8. Lefe Blanche, Leuven, Belgium (6.6%)

9. Pilsner Urquell, Pilsner, Czech Republic (4.4%)

10.Paulaner Original Muncher Hell, Munich, Germany (4.9%)

11. Franziskaner Hefe-weissbier, Munich, Germany (5.0%)

11. Staroprammen, Prague, Czech Republic (5.0%)

12. Chimay Rouge, Chimay, Belgium (7.0%)

13. Leffe Brun, Leuven, Belgium (6.5%)

14. Budweiser Budvar, Budweis, Czech Republic (5.0%)

15. Budweiser Budvar Dark, Budweis, Czech Republic (4.7%)

Augustiner Edelsoff is simply the greatest continental beer I’ve ever had. There are few better things to do than sit in the Augustiner beer keller opposite the Dom in Munich and enjoy a large stein of simple reinheitsgebot quality. The pretzels are massive too! Established in 1328 Augustiner is Bravaria’s best kept secret (and I’m sure the Bravarians would love to keep it that way). Whenever I meet someone from Munich and mention I’ve been there they seem pretty uninterested until I mention Augustiner and then a massive smile creeps over their face – it’s like joining a special beer-drinkers club. The air fare to get to Munchen is worth it just to sup a few steins of Edelstoff whether it is oktober time or not.

Anyway, I’m getting carried away so I’ll stop myself now. My European beer experience continues, despite the discovery of Helles Lager prefection…


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